Herkimer Diamond -

a type of quartz crystal & master healer

healing & protective

energizes - enlivens - promotes creativity

Herkimer Diamond can link into guidance from the higher dimensions

- promote dream recall and understanding

- clear the chakras and opens channels for spiritual energy to flow

help you recognize blockages — facilitates gentle release and transformation — bringing your highest potential forward


Herkimer Diamond is a detoxifier. It protects against radioactivity and treats disease caused by contact; relieves insomnia caused by electromagnetic pollution; corrects DNA, cellular disorders, and metabolic imbalances; and eliminates stress and tension from the body.

Smoky Herkimer has a particularly strong grounding energy that heals the earth chakra and the environment, clearing electromagnetic pollution.


clear quartz-

a master healer.

heals body, mind, and spirit.

works at a vibrational level to cleanse & enhance organs & 

subtle bodies, & acts as a deep soul cleanser. 

harmonizes all the chakras & brings body into balance

also aids psychic development.

- good for any condition-


one of a kind.

made to be lived in

handcrafted from high vibrational, raw elements, with love;

for the magic in you.