abigail eve

✨✨creating in harmony with the healing energy of mama nature✨🌱✨✨

healing wearables and herbal blends handcrafted from ethically sourced, high vibrational, raw elements, with love✨ for the magic within.

- 'all ancient wisdom lives in your heart'


As a lil kid, I was always digging up rocks and carrying them home using the bottom of my shirt as basket. I’ve always been drawn to their high vibrational energy, and It has been a dream to share one of a kind healing adornments✨ 

When I wasn’t digging up rocks, I was with plants; mixing leafs into rainwater with a stick, or smashing berries to see what colors they made. I am now so grateful to be learning about ancient natural dying practices, and to be sharing medicinal plant color✨ it is a honor to be using practices passed down from my great grandma as well.

all fabrics and materials are ethically sourced or up-cycled. 

Currently building an art studio home in a magic bus✨🔨